Water Level Controller for Single Phase Surface/External Motor

(Only 1 Float Switch Included)

Note : This Equipment is not useful for 3 Phase or Submercible motors.

when you are pumping water from borewell to overhead tank, you need only one float switch.

Note : – If you have sump or subtank prefer buying Water level controller with 2 float switches listed on my ebay shop  @ Rs.1985.

By Using this Automatic water Level controller, you Motor switches on Automatically when there is no sufficient water in your overhead tank and switches off motor when tank gets filled up with water.


  •             Switches ON the pump when the water in the overhead tank goes below the pre-decided minimum level.
  •             Switches OFF the pump when the water level in the overhead tank reaches the maximum level therefore prevents overflow.
  •           Therefor no need to switch ON or switch OFF the pump manually.
  •    No more Overflow thus saving water, electricity & manpower.
  •     Manual switch Provided for bypass.

 Advantages of Float Switch

    • Corrosion Free
    • Sturdy and durable need not maintain.
    • No current/ voltage is passed through water, therefore no electrolysis. Salt deposition
    • Long life (approximate 10 million operations)
    • Rust proof (entire sensor body in polypropelene)
    • Can be used in hard water -fuel-such as diesel, kerosene, oil etc.

Float Sensor/Switch Specifications:

    • Thirty ampere relay Provided for single phase.
    • Sensors protection class -I.P. 68
    • Maximum temp. 70 degrees
    • Two LED for two status
    • Dimensions 80 mm.W* 88mm H.*65 mm.D.
    • Consumed power 3.2 VA.

Water Level controller Applications:

    • Bungalows
    • Multi-storied apartments
    • Hospitals
    • Factories
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Commercial centers All places with water tanks