Solar PWM Charger for 12V ₹2200

Solar Pwm Charger for single battery ( 12v)

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Instruction & working

The charge controller has 6 connection points

  1. Solar (-) ve
  2. Solar (+) ve
  3. Battery (+) ve
  4. Battery (-) ve
  5. Ac 230/ 220 power phase  Input
  6. Ac 230 V output through  40 Amps  Relay

Charging voltage and  Floating Levels

  • Normally we set   14.2  as charge cut level  and floating start at this level
  • When the battery voltage reaches 13.5  and the LH side switch is in on position, the Relay energize and Ac 230 v input cut off and  inverter force to work in battery + solar  system
  • When the battery reaches 11.5 V  the relay De-energise and ac supply go through Relay and inverter come back to main supply position.
  • These  Relay function can  off  by  using LH side switch in the off position


When the battery reaches 14.2 v, and there was no load on the battery,  it will go to floating, the charging AMP  comes down and just keep battery charge in the floating stage and prevents going below 14V. That time the display will show the % of using current for charging when the load is there entire power from solar goes to Battery.