Solar PWM Charger for 12V ₹2200

Solar Pwm Charger for single battery ( 12v)

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Instruction & working

The charge controller has 6 connection points

  1. Solar (-) ve
  2. Solar (+) ve
  3. Battery (+) ve
  4. Battery (-) ve
  5. Ac 230/ 220 power phase  Input
  6. Ac 230 V output through  40 Amps  Relay

Charging voltage and  Floating Levels

  • Normally we set   14.2  as charge cut level  and floating start at this level
  • When the battery voltage reaches 13.5  and the LH side switch is in on position, the Relay energize and Ac 230 v input cut off and  inverter force to work in battery + solar  system
  • When the battery reaches 11.5 V  the relay De-energise and ac supply go through Relay and inverter come back to main supply position.
  • These  Relay function can  off  by  using LH side switch in the off position


When the battery reaches 14.2 v, and there was no load on the battery,  it will go to floating, the charging AMP  comes down and just keep battery charge in the floating stage and prevents going below 14V. That time the display will show the % of using current for charging when the load is there entire power from solar goes to Battery.

High Efficient Solar Water Heaters

High Efficient solar water heaters with ETC (evacuated vacuum tube solar water heater).

  • Lowest   and affordable price.
  • Any where we can place
  • Only demanding good sun light
  • Long life up to 15-20 years
  • 24hrs hot water
  • 70 to 85 degree Celsius
  • Range available  100 L, 150 L, 200 L , 300 L, 400 L , 600 L  etc.
  • Inner tank is Steel. Suitable for hard water too.
  • No welding technology
  • Food grade steel and Tank
  • Hot water can use for food grade  productions

Please contact 9496409776  for installation and price


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Solar water Heater , High efficient , High quality product at Affordable price


Solar water Heater , High efficient , High quality  product at Affordable price



Grade  s.s 304


120 LPD

160 LPD

250 LPD

500 LPD

1000 LPD



General :

Conformity to standards    –   MNES (Applied),

Major components              –   vacuum tubes, hot water insulated tank and mounting frame and stand,



Absorber Evacuated glass Tubes (copper ),
No. of tubes 120 LPD -15 Nos, 160 LPD – 22 NO’S, 250 LPD – 30 NO’S.
Outer Tube Diameter


Inner Tube Diameter




Glass Thickness 1.6mm,
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3,
Absorptive Coating

Length (nominal)

Graded Al-N/Al,


Absorptive coating



Stagnation temperature


Barium Getter







System Temperature output


Inner Tank

>92% (AM1.5),

<8%(80 C),


180 degree c maximum,


Is located at the bottom of the evacuated tube,





Stainless Steel 304 &316 Grade 8% nickel Thickness in 0.8mm,


60 – 85 Degree cel,


Stainless Steel 304 & 316.

Inner Tank Welding Uniform Machine TIG Welding,
Outer Tank Stainless Steel ,
Insulations PUF,
Electrical Backup



Miscellaneous :





Interface between dissimilar materials


Support stands

Provided ISI Make (optional),





All fasteners used are stainless steel 304

(nut, bolt, flat washers),


Special silicon rubber,


M.S. Powder Coated,


NOTE  :  External Hot & Cold water piping, electrical wiring and civil work, cladding work should be done by the customer.




Payment                                                    100% as advance along with purchase order,

Delivery                                               within 2day,

Warranty                                              one year for solar water heater system. (Excluding glass tube),

Guaranty                                            Five years ,

Transportation                                   Extra. 

5000 VA solar system Installed at Taste Catering Chengannoor

Reckon Industries  .. Just installed   1600 W solar panel with 5000 VA solar inverter  at Taste Catering service   -Chengannoor ..

1.5 Tone  Ac , Microwave oven , 1 HP motor , Induction cooker  , all most all lights , fan   etc.   under solar power ..   ..

can upgrade to  5000 W panels in future ………. 


1600 W panel along with 5 KV inverter

DSP sine wave inverter

  • 12 /24/ 36 & 48 V  battery voltage
  • Temperature controlled DC fan circuit.
  • High efficiency > 90%.
  • Battery  friendly charging
  • Highly reliable design.
  • Charging starts at 100 VAC.
  • Inverter as well as UPS Operation.
  • Built in protection against, overload, over temperature, low battery.
  • LCD display shows  Load in Watt,  Battery voltage,  State of charging  ( charging off/on)  UPS mode , Inverter mode, short circuit etc.
  • 200 % overload serge protection
  • Silent operation



1. Full bridge configuration based on power MOSFETs
2. DSP based intelligent control
3. LCD based display for user-friendly display of parameters and status
4. Protection against 440V mains input
5. Protection against reverse polarity
6. Dynamic short circuit protection with fold-back current limiting.
7. Protections against all possible errors like battery low, over load, heavy load, short circuit etc.
8. Early warning for battery low and overload conditions. System continue normally if the error is
9. Cutoff and auto restart with permanent cut after 5 consecutive cutoff.
10. SMPS type  constant current charger with full charge cutoff.
11. Pure sinewave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans. Safe to all kind of loads.
12. Ideal for Mixed load application
13. Indigenous design with proven technology.
14. Auto detect of LCD and LED. Can change between LED / LCD while the system is powered.
15. Protection against accidental output feedback disconnection.

Solar Charge controller 10 Ams, 20 Ams Reckon Industries

Reckon Industries , Solar Charge controller PWM  design with Intelligent features ..





1.The charge controller adjusts itself automatically to 12V or 24V system voltage.

2.Clear,readable display of the state of charge.

3. Programmable nightlight function.

4. Detects day and night using the PV array.

5.Three states charge way.

6.Automatic adaptation to the ambient temperature.

7.Low voltage disconnected regulated by state of charge.

8.Biggest 16mm2  binding clamp.

9.Complete Electronic protection: surge, short circuit, reverse polarity, overload and so on.

10. Self-Test

Solar Panels 12 V , 24 V , 80 W, 100W 150 W and charging control units

Just install a 100W panel and free inverter Battery charging from Main Line and save 20 to 30 % electricity bill . We know the battery charging from Electrical line is a continues process . we can avoid this just adding a 100 W panel it gives 5 to 8 Amps in day light ..

Our High tech Charge control + Energy Modulator .. will control the inverter and battery . When the battery reach 14.50 v . the inverter start function and it will use both soal + battery energy till the battery reach 11.9 V ..


Rechargable LED Light 4 LED High Bright .

Free shipping to India – Shipping From Kerala India

Specification and details

1.4 straw leds,each up to 1200-1400MCD
2.material:new ABS material
3.battery:4v/0.6ah sealed lead acid battery
4.charging time;approx 8-10hours
5.duration time;approx 5 hours
4.product size:6.5*14.5*2cm

1.witha retractable plug. indicator for charging.
3.4 high brightness leds

Sine wave Inverters with LCD Display shows Load , voltage etc.

Pure sine wave inverter with all features like , over load protection and auto re-setting, low battery shut off, Intelligent battery charging  and more  , also  you can work your computer too .. with out a ups .. the inverter itself  will act as a UPS .

The LCD screen will  show  / display

Load using, Charging Amps, Charging voltage, Line voltage , Battery voltage, Heat Etc..

You can work with your Mixi , Fridge with high capacity Inverters

800 VA Sine wave inverter + 100 AH Tubular battery  Just for Rs. 13500/-(Inverter has 2 year warranty  and Battery has 3 year Warranty)

800 VA sine  Wave Inverter + 150 AH Exide Battery       Just for Rs. 15500/-  Both Inverter and battery has 2 year warranty

800 VA sine wave Inverter + 100 AH Exide SF Battery (Power Box) Rs. 13000/- only  ( Both has 2 year warranty)

1 KVA Sine wave Inverter  with above batteries  Rs. 1500 Extra …

Contact : 09387302064 , Reckon Industries, Kollam, Kerala


Happy to announce that we had completed  our 100th  ongrid installation  successfully ,, all site got approval  and presently running  Total  660 KW

Reckon computer Industries  is a  small company   doing  installation of Solar systems both ongrid and Off grid  , our company started in 1998  with 4 staff  ..

Now I would like to publish   the secret behind  Proper wiring  of Ongrid  systems

The system consists  of

  1. Solar panels
  2. Structure for solar  panel moounting
  3. DC cables
  4. Earth cable
  5. DC DB box  with Fuse, SPD, DC MCB
  6. ac DB BOX  with  AC mcb, SPD
  7. Solar meter box  with fuse and solar energy meter
  8.  Earth pipes for DC and AC
  9. Lightning Arrester
  10. Sutable Solar ongrid Inverter   – MNRE Approved
  11. Net meter

All the system  and spares must  have  Test reports, and certificates   for    getting  KSEB approval


Wiring sequence

Panels  –  DC DB  – to inverter  – solar meter – ac fuse – ACDB box –  Net meter  main Load fuse



For any clarification, please contact

Mr. Jose

Reckon Computer Industries

Mammen Gardens

Asramom P.O, Kollam dist, Kerala state

ph. 9387302064