Polycrystalline Module

Solar provides cost‐effective photovoltaic power for general use,
operating DC directly or, in an inverter‐equipped system, AC loads. The 36/72 cells in series provides 100W, 110W & 120W of maximum
power, it is used primarily in utility grid‐supplemental systems,
telecommunications, remote villages and clinics, pumping and load‐based aids to navigation. Proven Materials and Construction Reckon Industries  experience shows in every aspect of this module’s construction and materials

1. Anodized aluminum frame offers required strength and allows for quick and easy installation on standard array structures.
2. 36/72 Crystalline silicon solar cells in series with by pass diodes installed.
3. Modules are laminated in toughened low iron content PV grade glass – Ethyl Vinyl Acetate films – PV module back sheet.
4. Optimized lamination process parameters ensure a stable laminate. Junction  Box with PG Cable glands and  bypass diodes are standard in all modules.
5. Each module is flash tested in a Sun simulator to ensure conformity to specification.
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