Pure sine wave inverter with all features like , over load protection and auto re-setting, low battery shut off, Intelligent battery charging  and more  , also  you can work your computer too .. with out a ups .. the inverter itself  will act as a UPS .

The LCD screen will  show  / display

Load using, Charging Amps, Charging voltage, Line voltage , Battery voltage, Heat Etc..

You can work with your Mixi , Fridge with high capacity Inverters

800 VA Sine wave inverter + 100 AH Tubular battery  Just for Rs. 13500/-(Inverter has 2 year warranty  and Battery has 3 year Warranty)

800 VA sine  Wave Inverter + 150 AH Exide Battery       Just for Rs. 15500/-  Both Inverter and battery has 2 year warranty

800 VA sine wave Inverter + 100 AH Exide SF Battery (Power Box) Rs. 13000/- only  ( Both has 2 year warranty)

1 KVA Sine wave Inverter  with above batteries  Rs. 1500 Extra …

Contact : 09387302064 , Reckon Industries, Kollam, Kerala