• 12 /24/ 36 & 48 V  battery voltage
  • Temperature controlled DC fan circuit.
  • High efficiency > 90%.
  • Battery  friendly charging
  • Highly reliable design.
  • Charging starts at 100 VAC.
  • Inverter as well as UPS Operation.
  • Built in protection against, overload, over temperature, low battery.
  • LCD display shows  Load in Watt,  Battery voltage,  State of charging  ( charging off/on)  UPS mode , Inverter mode, short circuit etc.
  • 200 % overload serge protection
  • Silent operation



1. Full bridge configuration based on power MOSFETs
2. DSP based intelligent control
3. LCD based display for user-friendly display of parameters and status
4. Protection against 440V mains input
5. Protection against reverse polarity
6. Dynamic short circuit protection with fold-back current limiting.
7. Protections against all possible errors like battery low, over load, heavy load, short circuit etc.
8. Early warning for battery low and overload conditions. System continue normally if the error is
9. Cutoff and auto restart with permanent cut after 5 consecutive cutoff.
10. SMPS type  constant current charger with full charge cutoff.
11. Pure sinewave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans. Safe to all kind of loads.
12. Ideal for Mixed load application
13. Indigenous design with proven technology.
14. Auto detect of LCD and LED. Can change between LED / LCD while the system is powered.
15. Protection against accidental output feedback disconnection.